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Getting rid of belly fat – for good health

The fact is, belly fat is a sign that you’re a bit overweight elsewhere too. What does that mean? It means that you probably don’t look how you want to round the front of your gut or your hips. It also means that you should be thinking about your health, not just your figure. Why? Because fat from excess calories also gets stored INSIDE your body – around your vital organs, such as the heart, liver and kidneys. A small amount of fat is acceptable in these areas. But watch out! Your medical practitioner will warn you that too much fat stored deep inside can bring serious health risks.

Ultimately the answer to the question ‘How can I get rid of belly fat?’ is to GET RID OF FAT. But how do you get rid of fat? And how much do you have to get rid of?

THE OPTIONS for fat removal

1.Big in the news, lots of different views: LIPOSUCTION – or other forms of surgical removal of fat. These all add up to: a medically trained specialist puts something inside you to physically remove the fat. Techniques now cause less bruising and fewer medical complications but still – it’s going to cost a lot of money, it’s probably going to hurt, it may cause other unpleasant after-reactions and it doesn’t remove any fat from round your internal organs. So you may look slimmer but you don’t know whether you’re still carrying a health risk!

2.Fashionable and highly publicised – but often short-lived results: HEALTH FARM – or ‘retreat’, or ‘spa’ or any other name referring essentially to a diet hotel with lots of advice and some form of regime. Reports vary enormously. Every place has a different approach and every person has a different body so it’s not easy to know whether any particular health farm is actually going to deliver the results that it has for other people. And they can be very expensive. But the main problem is that once you’ve left that private, highly-motivated atmosphere where there’s just no such thing as a chocolate éclair or a pizza, you’re on your own again with the supermarket, the snacks … then belly fat.

3.Cheap, often claim ‘instant results’ – but they are usually very short-lived results, and dangerous for your health – DIET PILLS. These are a very risky option that honestly don’t work well. Newspaper articles have featured deaths by diet pill – do you want to reduce the number of inches round your waist, or become a depressing statistic? Of course you’ve got a right to do silly things, but diet pills are probably not your way forward. Some of them claim to ‘suppress appetite’ or ‘boost the metabolism’. Bear in mind that exercise and a good diet can do both these without damaging the body. Also, some pills claim that they are ‘herbal’ or ‘based on plant extracts’. We’d like to point out that the same could be said for cocaine or poison ivy!

4.The ‘traditional’ method – and ultimately the most rewarding (and adventurous!) because it WORKS. Also the cheapest, most effective, healthiest and longest-lasting remedy for love handles as well as every other kind of excess fat on and in the body – DIET AND EXERCISE. But BEFORE you say ‘yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that all before, boring …’, READ ON. You might just not know everything there is to know about UP-TO-DATE diet and exercise science.

The simple truth is that

 Calories IN less than calories OUT = love handles (and other fat, and health risks)

Calories OUT less than calories IN = weight loss (and self-esteem, and good health!)

 The only difficulty people have with achieving GENUINE, LONG-LASTING WEIGHT LOSS is there are too many diets out there to choose from – some good, some not-so-good, some bad! So which is the right diet for you? Well, let me tell you. The right diet for you is the one that WORKS – for you, not for someone else! It has to be flexible enough to fit into your lifestyle so that it’s easy and even pleasurable for you to follow … that’s the only way that weight loss can be guaranteed.

I write to share my experiences regarding dieting and weight-loss methods ranging from the Low gi diet to specialised quick weight lose diets for better health.

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